The filmmakers

Bianca Herlo 2020 (© David Gauffin)
Helga Kurzchalia 2020 (© Micha Shenbrot)

Bianca Herlo is a researcher, designer and lecturer based in Berlin. She loves experimentation on the crossroads of design, research and technology, documentary film and biography. Her work is dedicated to community building, bottom up processes, and how to foster social cohesion, inclusion and digitalization for democratic development. Currently she researches at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society and is responsible for social design and civic design at the Design Research Lab, Berlin University of the Arts. Bianca did her PhD on the relationship between individual and collective memory in biographical documentary film. In 2010, together with Satuila Stierlin, the protagonist in „Family Patterns“, she made the documentary „Trotz Alledem. Forms of Resilience“.

Helga Kurzchalia is a Berlin-based psychotherapist and author of fiction novels. In her work, she addresses the upheavals of the 20th century. She has known the protagonist of „Family Patterns“ professionally and privately since the 1990s. Publications: „Haus des Kindes,“ novel (2021, Friedenauer Presse, Berlin); „Lamaras Briefe oder vom Untergang des Kommunismus,“ novel (2010, Lichtig-Verlag Berlin); „HIER“ in collaboration with the designer Ulrike Brückner and the photographer Angelika Barz (2000, Veenman Publishers Rotterdam); „Im Halbschlaf,“ novel (Rotbuch-Verlag Hamburg).